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News and updates no. 180
30 June 2016





  • Letter from the President
  • New membership website
  • Voting for the ISME Board
  • National Meetings and voting at the conference – what to do if you are not coming to the conference.

Letter from the President
Dear Members
On behalf of the ISME Board, I extend sincere sympathies to all those impacted by the recent tragedy in Turkey. These horrific acts of violence remind us that we need to strive toward a world-wide culture of inclusion, mutual respect and collaborative dialogue.  We further extend our condolences to all those impacted by violent incidences across the world in recent times. Please be assured that we are continuing to monitor the situation, particularly with regards our 2018 conference.  
We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow. 

Sheila C. Woodward, Ph.D.
President, International Society for Music Education

New membership website
We hope that you will by now have visited the new ISME membership website and reset your password – if you do not do this you will not be able to access any of the membership areas of the site. Go to and ask for a password reset and it will take you through the process. 
Below is some information explaining how to work the new membership section, detailing what to update and where in order to get the most out of the site.

When you log in you will be redirected to “Your feed”, where you can find all your membership details. By updating your information in the “Your membership” section you can customise this page and what appears on it:
  • Membership and contact details - Is where you can edit your contact details and renew your membership. You’ll see the expiry date of your membership here. If your membership has expired, clicking on this will take you to a renewal form, where you can confirm or edit your contact details and click through to pay your membership renewal via Paypal.
  • User account - Is where you can update your email address, change your password and upload or change your profile picture.  Please choose a landscape image for your profile picture. There is also the option here to select the crop that is used in the circle or full image shown on the site. The website will automatically crop to the centre of the image if this feature is not used.
  • Profile and interests - Is where you can add a public profile which can be viewed on the website in the ‘Our members’ section. By default your public profile is hidden. You can choose to show it on the website at any time. You can add a short biography here as well as your website URL, Twitter username and other relevant information.  In this section you can also add your interests. If your profile is public, users will be able to find you by searching for members with that interest. Your news feed will also automatically update and show you the latest events, news and publications related to your selected interests.
  • Get Involved - Is where you can vote in any open elections. You will need a valid membership in order to vote, otherwise you will be directed to the renewal form.
Voting for the ISME Board
Don’t forget that every member has the right to vote for the President Elect and the twelve members of the ISME Board. Personal statements and CVs can be found here. To vote, log in to the membership website and, from “Your feed” go the “Get involved” section to vote. Please DO NOT send your vote to the Secretary General – it cannot be accepted through this route. Voting has to be done through the ISME website. Voting closes on Wednesday 27th July at 5pm GMT.
National Meetings and voting at the conference – what to do if you are not coming to the conference.
At this year’s General Assembly there will be an important vote to change the Bylaw relating to voting at the General Assembly. Details of the change can be found here. This proposal, if accepted, will change the way in which the ISME membership has a say on the future of ISME so it is important that as many members as possible are able to determine the way their country’s vote is cast.  There will be National Meetings at the conference and the first task for each meeting will be to decide who is going to cast the vote on behalf of the country; the meeting will then decide which way that vote should be cast. If you are not able to attend the conference, don’t miss out on having your say. If you have views on who should vote on behalf of the country and how the vote should be cast then make sure you have made contact with people from your country who are going to conference and ask that your views are represented.
Angela Ruggles
ISME Secretary General



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