ISME Electronic Postcard #141 - Maart 2012

ISME Electronic Postcard #141 - Maart 2012
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30th ISME World Conference on Music Education - updates

March 9, 2012

1. Presenter Information

Presenters are required to register for the Conference in order to confirm their participation. The fact that you have registered confirms that you will be in Thessaloniki to present. No other response is required. Less than one week to go, so please register early.

Presenters have been sent information on how to print PDF letters on letterhead from the submission system. Only if you need a hard copy (ie paper original) sent by regular mail will the ISME Office respond to your requests. So please print out your PDF letters yourself, or if a co-presenter was the original submitter, ask that person to do that for your session.

2. Commission pre-Conference Seminars

ISME Commissions (ie specialist groups) meet prior to the ISME World Conference for Seminars. General information on the ISME Commissions can be found on the ISME website.

To book to attend a Commission Seminar, please log in to the ISME members website, where you will find links to further details of each Seminar (introduction to the booking form) and the possibility to book to attend.

The Commission Seminars are as follows:

  1. ISME Commission for Research in Music Education (Research)
  2. ISME Commission for Community Music Activity (CMA)
  3. ISME Commission for Early Childhood Education (ECME)
  4. ISME Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM)
  5. ISME Commission for Music Policy: Cultural, Educational and Mass Media
  6. ISME Commission for Music in Schools and Teacher Education (MISTEC)
  7. ISME Commission for Music in Special Education: Music Therapy, Music Medicine (Special Ed)

3. ISME Forum for Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy

The ISME Forum for Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy will have a dedicated strand throughout the ISME World Conference on Music Education. No activities for the Forum will take place prior to the ISME World Conference week.

4. Forgotten your ISME membership username and/or password?

This is not a problem! Your ISME username is mentioned at the bottom of this email. If you haven't used the ISME website in a while and you don't remember your password, please see this help page for information. Your password can be reset, by you, in less than a minute.


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