ISME Electronic Postcard #139 - February 2012

ISME Electronic Postcard #139 - February 2012

30th ISME World Conference on Music Education - updates

February 23, 2012

1. Presenter Notifications

As stated in the Calls document, your submission will be reviewed and you will be notified about whether or not your submission has been accepted on (or before) 29 February 2012. Authors of full papers submitted for consideration for publication in the refereed World Conference Proceedings will be notified on (or before) 31 March 2012. These dates were also provided in your confirmation letter.

2. Early Bird Registrations

15 March 2012 is the deadline for lowest registration fees. Please do not wait until the last minute, register today!!! Log onto the ISME members' website and complete the registration form as soon as you can; the fees are going to increase after 15 March 2012. Your ISME account email address is the one that this electronic postcard has been sent to; your ISME account user-name is included for your convenience within the footer of this postcard.

3. Greek situation and the ISME World Conference

We are confident that the 30th ISME World Conference will be a very enjoyable and positive experience for all participants. The Conference Organising Committee (COG) are creating a wonderful programme of events for our week together in July.

  • Be assured (a) that Thessaloniki is a convenient, secure and an excellent venue for our World Conference and (b) that the financial underpinning for the conference is in place and is not related to the Greek economic situation -prudent financial management in the past means that ISME and the local COG are not dependent on the Greek economy to run a successful conference.
  • Members of the ISME Board visited the scheduled venues last summer and were very impressed by the quality of the accommodation, local management expertise and the overall location.
  • The planning for the World Conference and associated ISME Commission Seminars across Greece is highly advanced and taking shape very satisfactorily.
  • The conference dates (being the middle of the traditional summer holidays) guarantee a quiet environment in the city. Greece is a popular tourist destination and the World Conference has attracted record numbers of submissions to attend from both would-be presenters and performing groups.
  • We are delighted that there has been so much international interest by ISME Members (new and old) in attending the conference.


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